• Super natural “Wrap My Chicks Up”

The first of our big-hitting HTML5 R&D projects, ‘Wrap My Chicks Up’ was our Easter 2014 promotion. Aside from being fantastically named (!), it is a perfect embodiment of our growing skill set outside of the world of pure digital advertising, and serves to showcase our concepting, design, illustration and development skills. Having had some fun with our earlier Christmas game, ‘Wrap My Chicks Up’ pushed the competitive gaming element further with a neat little social angle to help prompt recipients to share their chick-wrapping skills.

With our primary objective being to live as an adaptive cross-platform web app, we weren’t sure how far to push this idea or indeed how far back in time we’d need to support devices. Our desire for maximising reach however meant that the final released version supported devices all the way back to the dark ages of mobile development, working on Android Gingerbread (2.3) / December 2010.

Along with the game itself, a core mechanic was shareability; each time a user completes the game they are presented with the option to share the corresponding image of their wrapped Easter chick. There were ten different flamboyantly illustrated chick characters selected at random when the game begins and ten levels of ‘wrapped-upedness’, producing 100 possible permutations. When visiting the game on desktop, users can see the full tweets list from people who shared the content. By performing a full Twitter search of the #wrapmychicksup hashtag, this ensured that the content list was based on real responses to our game. Always wanting to give back, we also prepared a series of custom illustrations that we tweeted back at players to thank them for playing with us.

Wherever you’re reading this and whatever device you’re on, re-live the joys of Easter by having a crack here!

  • Categories : Web Apps
  • Date :   April 2014
  • Client :   Super natural