• Saint “Cat Pong”

A full-on start-to-finish brief involving 8-bit style illustration, design and full build, this was another great project in collaboration with Saint (now RKCR/YR) this time as a self-promotional piece to celebrate becoming Revolution’s Agency of the Year!

The “Pong” game was fairly straight forward – requiring the monitoring of the position of the ball against some boundary zones (edges of the unit) where if the ball exceeded any of these values, a quick math equation was applied (‘*=-1’) which reversed the direction of travel. The planning of this execution also involved multiple event scenarios which were also coded up: no interaction with the ad triggered a time-out where the message was still displayed. Where users did interact, they were given three attempts to beat the opponent. Depending on whether you succeeded or lost, an appropriately crafted message from Saint was then displayed on the end frame.

Disclaimer: Our portfolio represents a combination of work carried out whilst employed at play/M&C Saatchi and in the course of freelance agency contracts prior to establishing Super natural in 2012.

  • Categories : Ads
  • Date :   June 2011
  • Client :   Saint@RKCR/Y&R