• NatWest “Budget Calculator”

For an entire generation of Britons, their first memory of saving is in a little porcelain NatWest piggy bank! No surprise then that the brand has continued to leverage this iconic association in much of its recent savings-related communication, and this digital execution to promote its most competitive savings rates was no exception.

Using a nifty, in-ad budget calculator tool that worked out a mini savings plan based on a financial target, the execution combined 3D with some extensive Flash development. The calculator utilises the Flash ‘DateChooser’ component to correctly determine what day/month/year it is which is used to calculate how much you want to save, in accordance with where you are, compared to when you want to have saved the money by. To make the message even more compelling, the creative also pulled a live feed from the NatWest website which displayed their mouth-watering savings rates.

Disclaimer: Our portfolio represents a combination of work carried out whilst employed at play/M&C Saatchi and in the course of freelance agency contracts prior to establishing Super natural in 2012.

  • Categories : Ads
  • Date :   April 2009
  • Client :   M&C Saatchi