• ITV “Network”

It goes without saying that we were thrilled to be involved in such a high profile campaign – how many opportunities does one get to collaborate on a full-on re-brand for the nation’s oldest commercial telly channel? Hot on the heels of our earlier work for ITV Player, we were briefed to develop another robust set of advertising templates for their entire network offering to be used across all of ITV’s owned media.

Being mindful that the marketing team often need to get spare inventory filled at the drop of a hat, it was imperative that these ads can be updated by anyone in ITV Creative with a squeek of a mouse click. The Flash files have been prepared in such a way to provide an incredibly simple way to re-create an ad for any show across the network in a timely fashion, whilst never falling foul of brand guidelines.

These may look like standard Flash ads but rest assured there are no ‘timelines’ here. The elements likely to change such as copy, tune-in information and imagery are easily accessible from the root level while all the ‘rules’ for alignment, animation speeds and loop durations have been locked away in one of our special Super classes. This ensured that over time the ads will remain consistently on-brand – a must-have solution for anyone wishing to continually produce stunning standard media on very tight deadlines.

  • Categories : Ads
  • Date :   May 2013
  • Client :   ITV