• ITV “House of Drama”

Hold on to your hats guys, here’s an iPad ‘Interstitial’ ad that’s not the press ad creative shoe-horned into tablet form. The latter seems to happen quite frequently, perhaps by the print department who are producing the asset for press purposes so is the easiest solution. This upsets us a lot; in the same way that you wouldn’t craft a beautiful television commercial without any audio, why would you not want to leverage and exploit the senses that are available to you? Fortunately for us, ITV Creative agreed with this sentiment and commissioned us to produce these beautiful, multi-orientation iPad ‘Interstitial’ ads as part of their high profile brand campaign, ‘House of drama’. The activity, running in the apps of The Guardian and The Telegraph, complimented the rest of the digital campaign we created for desktop and mobile devices.

Sometimes by applying some logical digital thinking, you can achieve much more than a humble static page. In this example, we did utilise the print asset used for outdoor but added an extra dimension with the inclusion of interactivity, thereby leveraging that wonderfully under-exploited medium of touch! A simple pan across reveals a lot more to the creative and interactive hot spots allow the user to discover more about their favourite ITV shows with links out to different destinations to watch directly on ITV Player. Putting all of this information behind interactive stages means that the communication can deliver a lot more bang for your buck. Not only was this piece the highlight of the activity, initial post campaign results suggest that it over-delivered on interactions too. Boom.

  • Categories : Ads
  • Date :   October 2013
  • Client :   ITV