• Innocent Smoothie “Here to save the peckish”

We worked in partnership with award-winning digital agency Saint (now RKCR/YR) to help bring Innocent’s “Here to save the peckish” campaign to life online.

Leveraging the caped superhero smoothie bottle character from the TV advert, the online creative made an innovative use of a user’s system clock to determine which message the ad displayed. The ad contained three key messages which were displayed at the three major meal times in the day, so depending on when a user saw an ad, a suitably tailored message was displayed.

An additional level of technical complexity came with the integration of DoubleClick’s RMDA (Rich Media Dynamic Ads) product whilst also trying to remain faithful to an intricate text style established in the design. To achieve the same text design treatment to dynamic Flash text fields in RMDA, each letter of the alphabet was recreated as a movieClip and stored with its corresponding ’linkage ID’. After running over the RMDA string to establish which letters were needed, some additional bespoke code was added to create the text. In order to force line breaks in the text, a ‘# delimiter’ was used so that when a # in the RMDA string was noticed, it forced the ‘movieClip attach code’ to place the next character on a new line. Despite a fairly lengthy development process, this approach meant that the message always fitted nicely inside the ad unit.

Disclaimer: Our portfolio represents a combination of work carried out whilst employed at play/M&C Saatchi and in the course of freelance agency contracts prior to establishing Super natural in 2012.

  • Categories : Ads
  • Date :   March 2011
  • Client :   Saint@RKCR/Y&R