• Heineken “Voyage”

As part of Heineken’s global ‘Voyage’ platform, this campaign from CKSK for the Irish market formed part of the recruitment drive for ‘Dropped’, offering entrants the ultimate chance of partaking in their own legendary travel adventure. It was also the first mobile advertising concept we’d seen that played on the basic, if often forgotten, function of the phone itself… and wow was it ambitious! Different user event scenarios made it challenging to begin with, but when CKSK advised that these had to be built in Celtra working in-app across iOS and Android, we really had to pop our thinking caps on.

The safety net that Celtra provides by ensuring all ads will only be targeted to where the distribution list intends is great for production and clients alike as we can sleep easy knowing we’re not going to experience distorted graphics or video elements playing in native or non-native players. Working closely with CKSK and the Celtra tech team however, we managed to pull off a very convincing ad concept and one which delivered impressive results.

  • Categories : Ads
  • Date :   June 2013
  • Client :   CKSK