• Google “Chrome Mnemonic”

As part of a global awareness campaign for Google’s Chrome browser, the requirement was to adapt the now iconic mnemonic used in the Google TV advertising so that it could be used in pan-European markets online.

Although based on the TVC asset, the international reach of the activity meant that each market used the mnemonic in a slightly different way, depending on the Google products available in that region. A further level of complexity with the project was that the code used to create the original mnemonic could not be edited in the right way for our purposes which meant that the asset had to be re-created from scratch. After a lot of research, the development employed the use GreenSock’s ‘CirclePath2D’ plugin. The method turned out to be a very smart way of creating elliptical motion paths for clips to orbit – this was achieved by creating a fairly large multi dimensional array that held up to 11 attributes each icon required (e.g. start angle, orbit speed, scale etc) in order to successfully orbit the Chrome logo in exactly the same way the TV ads from around the globe did. The end result meant that each icon could be switched out and paths altered depending on which county the ads were running in.

Disclaimer: Our portfolio represents a combination of work carried out whilst employed at play/M&C Saatchi and in the course of freelance agency contracts prior to establishing Super natural in 2012.

  • Categories : Ads
  • Date :   January 2012
  • Client :   Addictive Pixel/BBH