• Desperados “Partifesto”

Working with our Irish chums CKSK and having a jolly good craic in the process, we developed two high profile creative executions for the launch of a new TVC campaign for Desperados, the tequila flavoured beer.

Based on a concept by CKSK, Super natural whipped up an interesting method of disguising click-to-play video. The first creative in this campaign uses ‘LocalConnection’ to communicate between a Leaderboard and MPU ad unit. After a user successfully drags the Desperados beer bottle to the marker in the Leaderboard, the barman releases the bottle and slides it across the unit. At the point where the bottle falls off the bar top, we called an ‘lc.send’ which starts the animation in the lower ad unit, allowing gravity to take its course and completing the illusion of the bottle falling through the page to trigger the TVC in the lower ad unit.

Other formats in the campaign included a stand alone MPU and expandable Leaderboard, both of which utilised playful click-to-play video methods.

  • Categories : Ads
  • Date :   August 2012
  • Client :   CKSK