• Channel 4 “Utopia”

Collaborating with 4Creative, we got the chance to work on the launch of one of the channel’s most hotly anticipated new drama series, Utopia.

Using footage from a green-screen video shoot featuring all the show’s hero characters, the bright yellow backdrop, used across a number of high profile websites such as The Guardian and TV Guide, juxtaposed perfectly with the dark and sinister narrative of the advertising creative. In line with the conspiracy theme of the show, the online ads invited users to see what the characters were running away from. On interaction, the group would be seen to run across the screen, jump down several feet below into the lower MPU ad unit, and continue running across users’ screens to evade capture from the terrifying enforcers! A number of media owners allowed the sequence to play out by default on a user’s first site visit, thereby guaranteeing an impact the show deserved.

  • Categories : Ads
  • Date :   January 2013
  • Client :   Channel 4