• Channel 4 “Live From Space”

Channel 4′s ‘Space Season’ represented TV boldly going where TV had never gone before. With a whole week’s worth of highly engaging programming whetting everyone’s appetites, the aim of the paid digital campaign was to drive awareness and tune-in of the season finale; ‘Live from Space’ – a two hour broadcast live from the International Space Station depicting one of its 92-minute orbits of planet Earth at 17,500 miles per hour. Working closely with the team at 4Creative with the firm objective to deliver impact, the execution running on YouTube and The Telegraph worked as an expanding ad placement with a beautifully crafted, zero-gravity induced video sequence culminating in the all-important TV trailer to help deliver the tune-in message for the show.

If being sucked out first person into zero gravity wasn’t bold enough, the creative concept was made all the more dramatic by a custom live page capture where the content of The Telegraph homepage – news headlines, images, text and all – were also seemingly sucked out of the airlock to help deliver maximum impact.

Despite utilising ad unit formats that may have been around for a while, it goes to show that with the right balance of client boldness and creative craftsmanship, paid digital media still can be out of this world.

  • Categories : Ads
  • Date :   March 2014
  • Client :   Channel 4