• Channel 4 “Hunted”

‘Hunted’ sees a group of ordinary Brits attempt to go off the grid whilst being tracked by a team of expert Hunters. With creative messaging across the campaign designed to subvert the media it’s in, all ads use the same gritty and distressed typography from the offline campaign and utilise a tip-based format taking inspiration from the question “is it ever possible to slip through the net in a surveillance nation?”

The cross-platform, dynamic digital campaign uses genre-based keyword re-targeting across a programmatic network of potentially 4,000 websites to deliver a series of fairly dark and highly contextual messaging relevant to the specific content a person is viewing. Animation effects utilise modern HTML5 technologies to individualise and randomise animation effects on every page-load causing every impression to be dynamic and unique.

For example, gaming websites will state ‘pause is not an option’, visitors to finance web sites will read ‘forget your savings. All your card purchases leave a trail’ and ads on sport related sites will tell readers that ‘The only one on your side is you’. Geo-targeted ads will serve location specific information to people browsing the internet on their phones – e.g. a person in or around Liverpool Street train station will see an ad stating ‘Liverpool Street is the first place they’ll look for you’ and commuters using Victoria station will be told ‘Victoria is not a station, it’s a trap.’

The campaign also includes a high profile, cross-platform takeover on The Guardian on the day of the show’s launch which includes a series of three mock commercials aimed at subverting users’ expectations further and dramatizing the reality of going on the run.

  • Categories : Ads
  • Date :   September 2015
  • Client :   Channel 4