• Audi A6 “Feather”

Working in collaboration with Addictive Pixel/BBH for the launch of a very charming campaign for Audi’s new A6, this execution was aimed at capturing the vehicle’s agility and grace with its ultra lightweight technology. The idea was brought to life by steering a feather around an arduous course demonstrating the light and fuel efficient, yet maneuverable characteristics of the vehicle.

The complexities behind creating a life-like interactive feather in AS2 were frankly quite daunting! After a number of ‘pure-physics’ approaches failed, we found the answer in GreenSock’s ‘TimelineMax’ class. The feather asset was broken down into 125 bones, each bone dynamically tweened between an upper most Y-position to a lower most Y-position in accordance with the user’s mouse Y-value. Based on the user’s mouse Y-value, a ‘sinusoidal square root differential’ is created to make the feather behave the way a feather would. A number of other little tricks were employed to keep the game interesting such as ‘hitTests’ on the obstacles which decrease your power and a varying speed variable based on the user’s mouse X-position.

To keep all the publisher sites happy with differences in the various ad units’ expand methods, MediaMind’s ‘Smart Versioning’ product was implemented in order to control the ad’s behavior on a site-by-site basis without having to duplicate our FLAs.

Disclaimer: Our portfolio represents a combination of work carried out whilst employed at play/M&C Saatchi and in the course of freelance agency contracts prior to establishing Super natural in 2012.

  • Categories : Ads
  • Date :   June 2011
  • Client :   Addictive Pixel/BBH