Stuck in traffic


It’s been many years since Paul and I started working in the display advertising arena and as expected along the way, we’ve met and worked with a great number of people. As a prospective agency partner, we often reference our accreditations when showcasing work, name-checking clients and agencies we’ve worked with, but there has always been one omission from these conversations which simply put, wouldn’t have made the work, work. Publishers, media owners, websites wot run our ads… whatever they’re referred to as, are the gate keepers and can make the difference between a campaign being bog standard and one being brilliant. +Read the full article

Get Studio Certified


We’ve touched on this subject before here and have committed both time and effort ensuring all of Super natural’s developers are Studio Certified in one way or another; in most cases fully up to speed with every certification badge possible. Having used the platform for many years and being a long term advocate, Google invited our Technical Director, Paul Scanlon, to take part in DoubleClicks official marketing video.
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Google Web Designer


On the 30th of September Google launched its latest product, Google Web Designer (GWD); a tool designed to help the digital advertising industry develop and deliver their creative work in a world without Flash. Super natural were fortunate enough to be amongst the first in the world to set eyes on GWD at the official unveiling at Google’s London HQ in St Giles. +Read the full article

YouTube Comedy Week


That’s three for three. There’s been a lot of YouTube activity of late, both here in the UK and in Russia. After producing a smaller tablet-based ad creative for Google+, adam&eveDDB, Google’s lead UK agency, approached Super natural to handle all of its digital production for three of the biggest campaigns we’ve ever seen. Each wave of activity, ‘Comedy Week’, ‘Geek Week’ and ‘Comedy Week Russia’ comprised four separate campaign phases. With deliverables exceeding 150 ad units, there were many ducks and even more rows to be kept in order. +Read the full article

DoubleClick Studio Certification


Naturally, we believe we’re pretty good at what we do …fortunately for us, DoubleClick do too! Rich media is at the heart of everything we do so we take being on top of our game very seriously. The Studio Certification programme run by DoubleClick ensures that all who partake meet a very high level of understanding of both the rich media industry and the tools available to us. Super natural is pleased to say that our development team have met all Studio certification requirements and have gone beyond to display advanced knowledge of Flash / HTML5, YouTube Mastheads, Dynamic Content, VPAID, Engagement Ads and the jewel in the crown, the QA Certification which means we can submit our clients’ ads, QA them and get them live all from where we sit!

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Super lab


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that smart devices have become nothing short of fifth (or sixth) appendages. With growing requirements for Mobile and Tablet creative production, we’ve been sure to stay one step ahead of the curve by creating our own ‘Super Lab’. +Read the full article

Cogs Flash V Html


Wherever possible we like to voice our opinions, thoughts and findings about what we feel so passionately about. After a lot of research and testing, we’ve found some quite interesting ways to ensure we deliver the same high standard of digital production to mobile and tablet devices as we’ve always done in the traditional desktop, Flash way. Cogs, being one of our trusted suppliers, were keen to know our thoughts on the matter and how to better serve their clients in the industry. Here’s a little blog post on Paul’s thoughts on the not all together simple subject of Flash vs HTML5.

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